Thursday, 6 December 2012

December Blues

It’s that month of the year which I always loved a lot. I somehow love winters and December to me is the most romantic month of the year, I don’t know the reason behind it.
Heard long time back on the radio that 21 December is the longest night of the year. Interesting fact I thought. Although, it never interested me which was the longest day of the year. Later some culture made 21 december the day on which the world was suppose to end and I was like why yaar?
So ideally the date predicted was 21 December 2012 and we are getting close to it day by day. Let’s wait and watch what happens about that prediction.
In the mean while its that time of the year when celebrations and decorations are at their peak with Christmas and New Year around the corner. People all around are excited to end this year and welcome a new one no matter whether the year has proved to be good or bad to them. If its been good the expect the coming year to be more good and if its bad then they would wish and hope that the next year is good. I am also falling in the 2nd category this year. Have been living in a whirlpool since August. Life it seems wants to run in a maddening pace not letting me breathe. No matter what the predictions are and whether they prove true or false my fact is I lost 4 very important people this year and hence,I am eagerly waiting for this year to get over. I just want this year to come to an end because its making me feel sick inside my heart to know that 2012 is the year I lost one of the pillars of my life : MY DAD.
To the new hope and a new year in advance.

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